Thrush Stop Horse Thrush Treatment 8oz



Concentrated formula quickly and safely kills the bacteria, fungus and yeast that cause thrush and other infections of the hoof wall, sole and frog. Unique formula creates an antiseptic barrier between the infection and healthy tissue by bonding to the hoof protein for long-lasting protection. 

Directions: Apply once daily to affected areas including white line, clefts, cracks, heels, nail holes, etc. For prevention, use once or twice a week depending on climatic conditions. Can also be used prior to shoeing with pads and silicone. Safe and effective; contains no formaldehyde or cancer causing agents. 

Thrush Stop Blue – Penetrates hoof tissue with a blue stain to show where it may be needed to reapply as the color fades. Flexible tip reaches deep inside clefts, voids, cracks and nail holes. Gel formula stays put without running or waste.