The "Soaker Jr." Sponge

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"Soaker Junior" sponge. Assorted colors. 
 Sponge measures 7" x 3" x 3"

Equest® Sponges are unique in both their creation and design. The Soaker Jr. Sponge is made using a high-desity polyester that has tremendous water holding capactiy and durability. These sponges withstand regular wear and tear while resisting crumbling and tearing. Seriously, they can last for years! They are even machine washable. The fun look is achieved with organic coloring so they won't bleed or stain horses or tack. Who knew a sponge could achieve so much! The Soaker Jr. Sponge is a wash stall must have. Made in Canada.
Favorite Features
  • Improves with use.
  • Hand manufactured through a patented CFC-Free process.
  • Organic coloring won't bleed or stain.
  • Fits easily in the hand without sacrificing water-holding capacity.
  • Versatile size for a variety of bathing, barn, and home tasks.
  • Machine washable.