Sullivans Ball Planter 7"



  • Perfect for succulents, flowers or small plants
  • Accent your covered deck or patio
  • Intended for indoor or covered space outdoors
  • Add some character to any room with this gorgeous item!
  • Great for gift giving, wedding present or anniversary.


This cement orb brings a minimalist touch to planting and gardening. Simple and sleek, this circular planter makes a distinct urban statement on a patio or garden terrace. Ideal for shallow rooted plants, or artificial botanicals, the profile of this piece makes it ideal for indoor decorating. Terracotta, clay, and even concrete have unique properties of being sustainable, safe, durable and versatile enough for every style! Over the last 52 years, Sullivans has become an industry leader in home decorations. Our brand is rooted in tradition while incorporating modernized trends to keep your home looking up to date with timeless style. Here at Sullivans, we pride ourselves on creating product designs focused on quality and value, ensuring that our customers have access to beautiful products at reasonable price points.